DM36x Docker Container

Now up on my Docker Hub profile is a Docker container for Linux DM36x builds. It contains a complete development environment for building DM365/DM368 Linux kernels, applications etc.

Included in the container is the GCC cross-compiler, DVSDK installation and a collection of various Ubuntu packages recommended for use with the RidgeRun DM36x SDK. You are not limited to using it for RidgeRun SDK builds but by way of example you can get started building using the RidgeRun SDK using the following simple steps:

  • git clone
  • docker pull kelvinlawson/ridgerun-dm36x
  • docker run –rm -v /path/to/eval-sdk-dm36x:/eval-sdk-dm36x -t -i kelvinlawson/ridgerun-dm36x /bin/bash

This will start a bash shell within the Docker container from where you can immediately start building the RidgeRun DM36x SDK without the need to install any other libraries, packages, toolchains etc on your host machine. From the container prompt you can simply enter the SDK directory (cd /eval-sdk-dm36x) and build (make). The container has everything ready to start building.

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