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RawTI Image Converter

Now up on my Github account is a tool for working with the .rawTI image format: https://github.com/kelvinlawson/rawti-tools. When tuning image sensors on the DaVinci DM365 and DM368 processors, you frequently need to generate raw image files in Texas Instruments’ proprietary .rawTI file format. These are raw Bayer images that are taken before most of the image pipeline has done any work on it (for example CFA interpolation, white balance gains etc). You use these .rawTIs file together with TI’s Image Tuning Tool to train features like the Auto White Balance algorithm, but you are limited in what you can you do to analyse the image yourself.



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Using DaVinci DM365 Codecs Without Linux

Developers making Linux-based products with the Texas Instruments DaVinci DM365 or DM368 will find a plethora of example source code and libraries that allow you to easily build your own applications. However if you want to build a non-Linux product (to use your existing RTOS for example) you will find little guidance on where to start.… Continue reading

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