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RTOS for Raisonance RCSTM8

Atomthreads now contains support for Raisonance’s STM8 compiler RCSTM8. We now support all three available STM8 compilers (Cosmic, IAR and Raisonance) so you can choose to use Atomthreads for a project safe in the knowledge that switching compilers will be pain-free.… Continue reading

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STM8 RTOS for IAR Embedded Workbench

This week Atomthreads became the first RTOS to support Embedded Workbench (EWSTM8), the STM8 compiler launched by IAR last month. EWSTM8 provides a full professional-grade development and debug environment with support for hardware debuggers including the low cost STM8S Discovery platform. IAR offer a 30-day evaluation of the full version, as well as a time-unlimited 8KB “Kickstart” edition (with a few non-core features disabled).… Continue reading

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Atomthreads: Free RTOS for STM8

I have just completed a port of the Atomthreads RTOS to the STM8 microcontroller. Anyone interested in running an RTOS on the STM8 can download the source code from http://atomthreads.com.

This has to be one of the easiest architectures I’ve ever ported an RTOS to. There are only six CPU registers and only three of these are general purpose registers for compiler use. Continue reading

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STM8S Discovery Evaluation Board

I came across the STM8S Discovery board today, which is selling at the notable price of just £4.25 from Farnell (also £4.22 from Future Electronics). With this pricing, ST are clearly trying to stimulate interest in the STM8 architecture by appealing to the tinkerer market. It remains to be seen whether this can be converted into serious design wins.

STM8S Discovery

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